The Sketchbook Project

This is a page of random work from participants in the  Sketchbook Project, or from artists who inspire.

It changes regularly.  Click on the images to get more information about the works.   Click here to return to the main blog.

This page holds only the most recent selected inspirations.  To see the full archive, go here.

The Wonderful Work of Anna Denise

Edward Cheverton – An Obsession with Time

The “North” Exhibit

Photo To Sketch – The Complete Picture


24 thoughts on “The Sketchbook Project”

  1. I love seeing artist sketchbooks – they are so beautiful and works of art in themselves. My sketchbook is not so great – but it helps me with my designs and records my ideas. If I was skilled at art, boy, would I go to town on my sketchbook. I don’t know if you have heard of the jeweller Stephen Webster – but at the moment he is showing a page a day from his sketchbook designs. They are incredible too. With thanks – Marie, London England

    • Thanks Marie, I’m with you. I don’t think there’s anything more inspiring than good art. Thank you also for the suggestion on Stephen Webster. I will have a look.

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