This is fascinating. German scientist Maja Klevanski is also an artist who converts the 3-D images of proteins to sketches.  So ‘Wall Street Bullfighting‘ (above) is from the schematic of TLR4-MD-2 Complex (below). Her artist eye is incredibly astute.  Browse her whole blog and see how she establishes links with human situations in each drawing.

My pictures are based on contours of different proteins. I vary and rotate the three-dimensional protein image by means of a special computer software until an interesting shape appears. Subsequently, I color and design the produced snapshot so that the image I saw becomes obvious to the viewer. Maja Klevanski

See a live demo by clicking this link. Here are some other examples.

The Hunter (above) and The Tourist (below) show two variants of Runx1, which plays a role in the development of blood cells.