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The works of revered Arab poet Adonis are on display at The Mosaic Rooms in London, in tribute to the 82-year-old Syrian-born poet, critic and essayist, who has only been doing art work for the last decade.  His pieces are collages made of rags, yarn, fabric, documents, ancient papyrus and other found objects.

Each collage has a background of Arabic writing, not only used because it is Adonis’ native language, but also because he considers the language to have an exceptional graphic quality. Review, Art Knowledge News

His impact on Arab life and literature is significant, although he has been criticized recently for lack of concordance with the actions of the Arab Spring.  A fighter for human rights and Arab culture and an anti-fundamentalist,  Adonis was born in Syria, fled to Lebanon and lives in France. (See long profile here)

His drawings are inspired by and include sections of poetry, handwritten in Arabic calligraphy and collaged with layers of found objects. These pieces, like his literary work, combine traditional and contemporary influences –  Mosaic Rooms gallery