It was the beards that got my attention, the beards that Philadelphia artist Sarah Ryan says she most enjoyed drawing. Sarah Draws Things has been on my list of must-visit sites for quite a while, and these recent entries are superb.  They are today’s inspiration for The Sketchbook Project 2012.  Don’t miss the other posts on her blog, especially the illustrations.

My (Sketchbook Project) theme is “Uncharted Waters,” so I’ve been drawing mythological water creatures. This time I drew the Blue Men of the Minch. The come from Scottish mythology and are said to cause shipwrecks and storms. They are a little like merpeople …. except they’re blue! They can be outsmarted by clever sea captains by either answering a riddle or speaking in rhyme and making sure to have the last word.  I had fun drawing the beards… I guess you can tell!- Sarah Draws Things blog

These are Krakens, giant squid-like sea monsters that attack ships somewhere in the North Atlantic near Norway.