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Ask a Canadian what song they associate with revered singer, songwriter and poet Leonard Cohen and it’s likely they’ll name Hallelujah.  That soul-shaking anthem has been covered by everybody from Jeff Beck to Sheryl Crow, more than 200 in all.  Cohen’s poetry is mesmerizing.  His art is captivating, too.

K D Lang’s version of Hallelujah at the 2012 Olympics galvanized the opening ceremony.  Cohen has that kind of power in lyrics and music (and novels, plays and art).  Now, he’s releasing his first all-new album since 2004: Old Ideas (UPDATE: It released in January, 2012).

All this created the opportunity to look at these Leonard Cohen drawings and sketches, of which there are hundreds.  The man is a modern polymath.  Early commentary says the new album is the most overtly spiritual of all Cohen’s music, and that one of the cuts equals Hallelujah in power.

(This is Australian TV’s capture of the KD Lang audio at the Olympics, with still photos. I’ve never been able to find a high quality live video. )