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M.H. Dunaway produces the most intriguing envelopes, which get sent free to people who request them, all around the world.  There’s no way to do proper justice to this artist in a short blog post like this.  Go to the site and see for yourself how the Postal Project works.  Kudos to this extremely talented artist for such a generous outreach.   Also have a look at the beautiful Moleskines.

Postal Project News

I took a vacation from my Postal Project once I sent my 50th envelope. Now I’m picking up production once again, as I still have many, many more to do. And in case you were wondering: I have not and will never repeat a design!

Just a reminder to all those participating that I use twitter to announce when I’ve sent an envelope (city, state, and country specified) and if an envelope is returned due to a wrong address or insufficient postage.  Twitter name: artistmhdunaway – From M.H. Dunaway’s blog