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This exquisite sketchbook recipe by croquisdenico (on Flickr) is in French, but it’s easy to see how meticulous and easy to follow the art is. Lots of cooks think visually, and these treatments are something only an artist can bring to a recipe.

It was another blogger who originally suggested I have a look at visual recipes, and what a treat. Thanks to Just A Smidgen!

I hope the creators of  this next visual recipe site will forgive me for appropriating their name for the title of this post.  The site, They Draw and Cook, featured these mice by Joanna Barnum.  Her stylish work is superb. (By the way, there’s also a They Draw & Travel, which I love).

And this final recipe is by one of my favorite bloggers, Vernelle Noel, on The Thinking Insomniac. She has a true knack for visual thinking.

Crab Cake Recipe - Vernelle Noel

Today’s Visual Recipe is Crab Cakes with Basil Aioli, courtesy Food Muses. Crab is one of the most delicious meats I think. When I was a kid and my mom made curried crab, or crab and callalloo, I would eat everything else first and leave the crab for last. -Vernelle Noel