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An Outdoor Gig

This refreshing work  is one of many A6 pages by Saunders & Co from festivals across England during the last 18 months. It’s on the sketchblog of  the Saunders studio and gallery in the coastal village of Tollesbury, near London.

 Sketches at a Concert

This was one of the first works I fell in love with when I started this blog.  It’s by Nikira , a New York artist who has a huge range and seems to never stop sketching.

Music Driven Sketches

Mike Rohde‘s well known sketchnote style is enhanced by the music he was listening to at the time.  His descriptions:

Left page: “A sketch generated while listening to the song Cups from an electronica band Underworld’s live from the Fuji Music Festival in Japan…”

Right page: “This was another music-inspired sketch, based on very different music style than Underworld. Inspiration here was provided by the tune Consolacao, from the Brazilian Groove compilation, by Bossacucanova.”