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My favorite.  This is a pocket size recycled compact that Dr. Sketch has already lost to his wife.  It’s spray painted and shined up outside, with deep pockets for paint inside.  See his other spit boxes from re-used or claimed materials like old cigarette cases.

A Pelikan Pocket Paint Box Set of Six Opaque Watercolors

I love the look, although I’m not sure how practical it would be.  (And OK, I think part of the reason I like it is it reminds me of childhood.)

Here’s how it’s described by the manufacturer:  “These neat sets start off as a semi-circular plastic box that opens up to reveal two layers of Pelikan opaque watercolor. The lid flips off to be used as a paint tray and mini water cup; and has a travel brush snapped to the underside. An ingenious and inexpensive travel set- the whole set, when folded down, measures only 7″x5-1/2″. The tabs of color can be removed and re-arranged.”

No spit needed here

Field boxes like this Winsor and Newton pocket-size kit are the real deal.   Made of  plastic with thumb ring, the box opens  to 12 half pans of watercolors and a high quality Brush, Artists’ Sponge, 3 mixing areas and a 35ml. capacity water bottle. Believe it or not, here’s the video.

And just because I’m so into this post, here’s an excerpt from a report on the Rob’s Art Supply Reviews blog:

Below is the first page of my watercolor journal, including a color chart and a self portrait I did entirely with the Winsor & Newton Artist’s Field Box. It’s very good for any subject I’ve ever run into and it’s got that incredible advantage of being so self contained. In a jacket pocket or purse you can put a small Moleskine watercolor journal rubberbanded to it and have that available no matter where you go.

This watercolor set has withstood all tests of space, carelessness, laziness and hard usage. I recommend it 100%