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From: The Sketchbook That Almost Wasn’t (or How to Re-bind Your Sketchbook) on Hello7Seven

I got my Art House Co-Op package for The Sketchbook Project and after reading about all the creative transformations going on in prep for the 2012 World Tour, I realized I know nothing about how to re-bind the bar-coded book they sent in their lovely little package (if I even decide to do a re-binding, not sure yet).

So I browsed the web for guidance and came across this wonderfully written, extremely helpful post on the Hello7 blog, where artist-designer Ruth, who is also doing  The Sketchbook Project, was asking herself the same questions.  But boy did she have answers, including a How-To video and these before and after photos.

So you must go to her blog, because it’s so well done.  And also a really great read.  I’m going to try this (nervously) in the next week or so.  Thank you Ruth!

Needless to say, this is today’s inspiration for The Sketchbook Project.  Don’t forget to go to this blog’s ideas page for other inspirations for the World Tour 2012.