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By Chuck Frey on the Mindmapping Software Blog

As a change from art and  inspirations for The Sketchbook Project, this post by Chuck Frey on the MindMapping Software Blog drew me in.  It’s about the value of  keeping a visual diary in a sketchbook.  It makes sense to me.  He’s posted a link to Mike Rohde, another blogger, who explains the art of “sketchnoting,”  with 82 pages of sketchnotes on view.

Sketchnotes by Craighton Berman

More expertise on the topic comes from the new Sketchnotes Channel on the Core77 blog.  Equally fascinating, it examines the sketchbook as a tool for visual thinking.  Here’s an excerpt:

“The recent rise of the “visual thinking” movement in business borrows from the natural ways designers work—using sketches to explore and express ideas, manipulating complex systems of thoughts on sticky notes, and using rough visuals to make sense of the world.”  -Craighton Berman