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Fire, the most dangerous of all the elements, holds an unending attraction.  Artists interpret fire in so many ways.  Here are some great sketchbook examples.

Maree Clarkson – Veld Fire, Near Magaliesburg, South Africa

We were on our way to Magaliesburg the other day and to my amazement! a veld fire sweeping across the hills! Some areas that had not previously burnt were still brown and dry, but it always puzzles me how the fires start in good weather with no lightning. A passerby’s cigarette…?

On Fire by Mike Staines

Fire & Water - Vicki Miller

I started with a two sided, picasso sort of face and used the yin yang symbol for the eyes. In the diagonally opposite corners I used an old fashioned inks pen to write opposite words – one set in red, the other in blue. Then I painted the fire and water over the top of the diagonally opposite quarters of the face. Well, that is my first go. I used watercolour paint on cartridge type paper and ink pens. -Vicki Miller

Local Fire - Wilson Stewart

41/2″ x 7″. local fire done during a couple of lunch breaks from a picture in a news paper.  -Wilson Stewart