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Sara Pichelli's Ultimate Sketchbook - Designs for the New Spider-Man

The elegant work of Marvel wunderkind Sara Pichelli for the new Spider-Man is available on the comic maker’s website, showing her evolution of the debut character.  Miles Morales, the new wallcrawler, is shown in draft, with commentary by Pichelli.

Morales is a half-black, half-Hispanic teen taking over full time in September from Peter Parker, who was killed in Issue 160 in June.  These sketches are such a great look behind the scenes with a rising artist.  (Marvel promises more sketches later this week on the site. )

A dog or no dog?

“At one point I decided to give Miles a dog; please don’t ask—there was no reason to do it but I just liked the idea. Jokes aside I was trying to figure his personality out.” -Marvel’s Sara Pichelli

An early, unused version – for Marvel’s Ultimate Comics

“In this pic Miles looks older, because the first idea was to have the new hero the same age of Peter Parker, but then we changed our mind, so this could be his older brother! What a pity—he was hot I think. Nice coat [by the way], don’t you think?” -Sara Pichelli, Marvel

A figure-out-his-age sketch for the new Spider-Man

“Here Miles was 12-14 years old; still his age wasn’t sure but I was trying to find the right body and face proportions. I was studying the haircuts too.” -Sara Pichelli