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This sketch from a blog called Dosankodebbie’s Etegami Notebook is part of a series in prep for The Sketchbook Project, and so it should be. What a fascinating glimpse into a style of drawing that’s well explained and illustrated in her online posts. Have a read.  This is today’s inspiration for the project.

Dosankodebbie's Etegami

Etegami (e= “picture”; tegami= “letter/message”) are simple drawings accompanied by a few apt words. They are usually done on postcards so that they can be easily mailed off to one’s friends. Though etegami has few hard-and-fast rules, traditional tools and materials include writing brushes, sumi ink, blocks of water-soluble, mineral-based pigments called gansai, and washi postcards that have varying degrees of “bleed.” -Dosankodebbie

These inspirations for the 2012 World Tour are posted frequently on this blog’s The Sketchbook Project page.