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Creative ways of appreciating food apparently are endless, as these sketchbooks demonstrate. Mouthwatering, interesting and sometimes even a bit gruesome (see the broken arm ice cream cones).  Amazing works.

Can’t Resist Thai Food

Annika Lund

From my travel journal from Thailand. The collaged text is a list of Thai dishes, provided by our travel arranger, and the image is a drawing on tracing paper that I’ve glued on top of the collage. The drawing is based on a photograph of me waiting for my food and checking out culinary joys to come. Just writing down the names of these dishes made my mouth water. -Annika Lund

Things that Stick

Late last year I signed up for The Sketchbook Project so that I would have a fun extra-curricular activity to fill my spare hours with. . . my spare hours dwindled and I was soon left with a looming deadline to fill an entire sketchbook in 2 weeks. From the 20 or so pre-set themes, I had chosen “adhere to me.” So I titled my sketchbook “Things That Stick” and got to work.  -Mette Hornung Rankin

Lunch at Fjoruhusid Cafe, Hellnar, Iceland

Laura Murphy Frankstone

Sweet Bones Ice Cream Cones

Rob Sato

SweetBones–sketches for broken arm drumstick ice cream cone, from the blog Drawing for Food. Here is Rob Sato’s website

From The Grand Tour

By swizzlestudio

From “Our year through Europe (with stops in Canada and Shanghai),” a journey blog full of photos, sketches and travel observations.