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From breathtaking scenery in exotic locales to functional diagrams of campsites, sketchbooks often hold wonderful images from summer and travel camping.  Sketching in the outdoors is obviously fulfilling for many artists.   Be inspired.

By Jean-Pierre Petit - Saharian Sketchbook of a Watercolorist

Before the night, they put up their “marabous”, broad tents for the bivouac, then serve the traditional sugary mint tea.  -Report posted on Les Deux Voyageurs

Alex Eben Meyer - Finger Lakes, NY

On excursions such as these, i always plan to draw a ton, but who am i kidding, it’s vacation! i did, however, find a few mechanical objects to draw in and about all that nature. -Alex Eben Meyer

Stills from Madagascar - Carnet de Voyage - By Bastien Dubois

-Bastien Dubois

For those of you who draw in your travel journals and then get discouraged with what you see, take heart. Bastien Dubois likens it to gardening, where you put in the effort day after day and the growth comes with time. Indeed, this amazing animated travel journal took him two years to illustrate. It paid off: The film is nominated for a 2011 Academy Award for best short animated film. -Steve Casimiro, Adventure Journal

Camping Sketches - Stefan Grambart (Ripsey)

This past weekend we had a family reunion & multiple birthday party at my sister’s place out in the country. About a hundred family and friends showed up in cars or campers. Kim and I brought our tent, so technically these sketches are still “camping” sketches! -Ripsey